Eqwity announces a regulated STO

Daniel VIEIRA  CEO of Eqwity

CEO of Eqwity

Dear Eqwitians,

First of all, I wanted to thank you on behalf of the entire Eqwity team for your daily support since the beginning of this amazing adventure that began last year. Thanks for your involvement, your social sharing, your articles or your videos; Eqwity project has gained some notoriety within the blockchain sphere. We are happy to have such a beautiful community!

As you have seen, this last two months have been punctuated by many readjustments of the project, motivated by various reasons such as the desire to reach accredited investors, to comply with regulations and to enter to an even bigger market in the future.

Secondly, we just finished our accreditation with the SEC (Regulation D) for reaching U.S. accredited investors;
We as well met all legal requirements of ESMA (European Union), FCA (United Kingdom), FINMA (Switzerland), CSA (Canada), MAS (Singapore) and CBR (Russia) for privately offering to accredited investors.

This new legal framework has pushed us to become an STO, and in turn to earlier end our token sale in order to meet the legal obligations that are now imposed to our fundraising.

Please find below the other changes in the project:

  • Blockchain Core Technology change from EOSIO to ETHEREUM: the EQY (Utility Token) is now issued under ERC-20 standard;

  • EQY (Utility Token) Max. Supply change from 6.25 Billion EQY to 625 Million EQY (Divided by 10);

  • Token Unit Price change from $0.01 to $0.10;

  • ICO.E platform become STO+ Platform (for more information please read the WhitePaper Version 2.0).

All purchasers and bounty participants will receive a private communication before the token distribution.

Finally, for keeping the EQY Token available for the community we‘ll announce exchanges listing soon.

Thanks for your understanding,

Stay tuned! 😉


To Keep in Mind


From ICO
to Regulated STO
We got SEC accreditation
(Regulation D)

EQY (Utility Token)
is now issued under
ERC-20 standard.

Max Supply From
6,25 Billion EQY
To 625
Million EQY
(Divided by 10)

Unit Value From
(EOS) = $0.01
To 1 EQY (ERC-20) = $0.10


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